Lasiurus borealis … Wild spirits of the woods!  The best kept secret out there is that these incredible beings are living in our own back yards and hardly anyone even knows they’re there.  A red bat hiding in plain sight in a green tree seems like it would be grackle bait but they are amazingly hard to find; indeed many birders spend much of their lives looking in trees and have never seen one.
This is a bat with a wild intelligence and a playful personality; they’re fun loving little trouble-makers and a joy to get to know.
Below video shows Gabe, the Leader of the Bat Pack, howling, to proclaim his dominion over all he can see!

austin bat presentations outreach education talksHere’s a link to the IUCN Red List range map for Lasiurus borealis.

IUCN Red List range map Lasiurus borealis

And here’s a link to the IUCN Red List species details.

Some of our favorite rehab bats